Levee Maintenance Tools
Levee Maintenance Tools - 3-Point Levee Packer
Nammco Machine Shop designs & manufacturers Levee Builders products including the Levee Builder, 3-Point Levee Packer, Wet Levee Swiper and the Disc Levee Splitter.
Introducing Nammco’s new 3-Point Levee Packer
3 POINT LEVEE PACKER Advantages of packing:

  • Deep compaction and firming for less seepage.

  • With the unique profile and size of drum the levee is compacted from the bottom up with allows for little or no loss of levee height.

  • When used with a seeder you will have greater population of germinated seeds.

  • 3-Point feature allows the drum to track closer to the tractor tires and more accurately follow the levee.

  • Pipe filler plugs in each end of drum allows for filling with liquid to increase weight if necessary.


    • 40" diameter drum*       •  56" diameter drum*       • Seeder mount toolbar       • Seeder
*Drum sizes can be interchanged in the same frame for various levee sizes if desired