Levee Maintenance Tools
Levee Maintenance Tools
Nammco Machine Shop designs & manufacturers Levee Builders products including the Levee Builder, 3-Point Levee Packer, Wet Levee Swiper and the Disc Levee Splitter.
Levee Builder  - Heavy duty levee builder with 72 inch bottoms with knives & poly
Build a levee in one pass. In heavy soils (buck shot gumbo) cut your passes in half. This plow can be put into a field under wet conditions but will also take the ground in hard dry soil too.
3-Point Levee Packer  - Deep compaction and firming for less seepage and with the unique profile and size of drum, the levee is compacted from the bottom up which allows for little or no loss of levee height. Options including 40" & 56" Drums, Seeder & Seeder mount toolbar
Wet Levee Swiper  - Fly through the task with Nammco's Wet Levee Swiper
Disc Levee Splitter  - Available with a 28" to 36" disk with high clearance