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Nammco Machine Shop designs & manufacturers all types of portable and stationary pumps including gasoline and electric drives.
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Now, your thirsty irrigated lands can drink their fill more abundantly, more economically with a job-tailored NAMMCO PUMP. This is one of the simplest lake ever designed, a new breed of water mover that never requires priming. NAMMCO PUMPS lift water easily from difficult terrain and tail water pit sources to anywhere needed. All NAMMCO PUMPS operate sprinklers efficiently. Wintertime, you'll be glad your pumping The NAMMCO way. No draining is required to prevent freeze damage.  
The patented Parish Flow Switch is a special NAMMCO PUMPS feature. Its automatic mercury-actuated control action cuts power immediately when water flow diminishes. All combustion or electric motor installations can use it on all kinds of irrigation pumps. Your NAMMCO PUMP is extra guarded by the Parish Flow Switch. Installation in the pipe is a clinch. The whole operation takes ten minutes.  
Pure, even water flow is obtained by using the sturdy NAMMCO Automatic Flap Valve Strainer. It is a simple valve completely screen enclosed. Normally, it is Closed. When trash covers the screen , water suction opens the flap valve, preventing water pressure from collapsing the screen.  
This cutaway view illustrates the NAMMCO Cooling Jacket and Coils. Terminals are rubber-mounted to prevent breakage or damage. the coils inside the jacket can be removed without cutting or opening the jacket.